Friday, June 27, 2014

Time to let you know what I have been up to

I have been really busy carving commissions and trying to keep up with my eBay listings as well.. Here are some of the carved nickels that I have done recently!

These five coins were an X-Men series that I done for a really great customer of mine!
He was very pleased with the results.

 This coin is a two sided carving of a fisherman and his soon to be catch that are thinking "I'd hit that".
This coin was fun to carve.

 These carved nickels are coins that I cut this past month for my eBay account..
You can find that by searching Shane Hunter hobo nickel...

I'll be back with some more in the next few days or months.. I don't always remember that I even have a blog sometimes..  So if you really wanna see what I'm up to and don't wanna wait for me to update the blog, find me on facebook.. name is Shane Hobohunter! See ya over there!!